Your Health & Wellness Journey

Your Health & Wellness Journey

Ever feel like this as you move through your health and wellness journey?

This image contrasting intentions vs. reality when we embark on making health improvements has its own page in the playbook that guides the whole health coaching groups I facilitate.

The rebounding component of the journey is something I focus group discussions on because it’s such a key element of success in reaching health improvement goals. Like in life, it’s not so much what happens to us, but how we respond and rebound from it that matters most.

Here are few ‘real-life’ rebounding examples:

With overeating:
*For weeks you’re in a downward spiral, eating lots of sugar and in-the-moment ‘comfort’ foods, berating yourself for your ‘bad’ choices
*You decide to focus forward, forgive yourself for being imperfect and set realistic goals to move toward a middle-ground place of healthier eating.

With an injury:
*You let it knock you out of your exercise routine and become completely sedentary until you are totally healed. Weeks pass. You may or may not come back.
*With a determined attitude not to be derailed, you find work-arounds (with your doctor’s ok). Example: A foot injury keeps you from running, but you focus on core and upper body strength training instead and soon return to non-impact cardio workouts.

With a major life stressor:
*You turn to fast food for convenience and comfort and let your exercise routine fall by the wayside because you’re stretched in too many ways. You slowly fall into a sedentary, unhealthy default way of being.
*You let the stressor dominate for only a short period, recognizing that your self care routines are vital for remaining strong and healthy to care for others and weather life’s storms effectively.

My invitation to you”
Reinforce with yourself an image of your physical self like a tree. With deep roots of health and wellness (anchored by strong self-care habits), you are better able to weather life’s storms.

Coach Gayle
WhyPower Whole Health Coaching