Thumbs Up to YOU!

Thumbs Up to YOU!

You. Are. Amazing!

The definition of a compliment is “a polite expression of praise or admiration”.  So, beyond the 10 letters that make up the word or the 7 words that make up its definition, this definition could very well be the inception of something priceless.  Compliments are great because they are an extremely powerful form of currency that takes zero capital to begin the investment.  Not to mention, it feels great to make people smile.

You can compliment something that you can see, like a dress, haircut or car.  Or you can compliment something that cannot be seen like someone’s style, their courage or even their attitude about a certain situation or circumstance.  All of this can be done with zero dollars up front.  All it takes is a little bit of your time and effort for that seed of happiness or joy to be planted.

Did you know that “Words of Affirmation” are one of the 5 Love Languages?  This is absolutely a way that you can show your love or appreciation for someone in your life.

Something else worth mentioning is how compliments can be wonderful gifts to mental health.  Not only to those around you, but also to yourself.  Take a moment right now and think of something that you would like to hear from a loved one, friend, coworker, boss, etc.  Some words of encouragement that you know could help you get through your day.  Now say it out loud to yourself.  Try doing this everyday for a week.  Put it somewhere you will see it (like your phone or computer screen saver).  Complimenting or affirming yourself is just as powerful as when you compliment others.

Remember that compliments are free… so everyone can afford to give them out, right?  Who’s day can you brighten next?  Who’s face can you add a smile to?

I mean, after all, you are AMAZING!

Kevin Tennill, LPC
Licenced Professional Counselor
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