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Three Questions To Ask To Navigate Uncertainty

I don’t know about you but this merry-go-round of Groundhog’s Days are making my brain foggy. The commute from my bedroom across the hall to my home office should make me pretty happy given the ease and convenience. I can’t say that that I am dreading going to this work environment  but I do find myself digging a little deeper each day to get up and get going with a positive and purposeful attitude. It takes a little bit too long each day to find my rhythm and cadence.

Exactly what am I suppose to do in the next 30 minutes much less the next 8 hours? 

Our team has equated our task list to a crazy individual game of Hungry Hungry Hippo. The days of strategy, goals, and objectives go out the window. Some days it can feel like we are just snatching at whatever bright blue bouncy ball comes our way. I’m not too clear on what my next two steps are most days.

You might be experiencing the same feelings in your home, your family, and your health. We are all caught up in this insane waiting game. Decision making becomes especially stressful because we really don’t have a timeline for this crisis. Most of us seem to be hunkering down in our COVID bunkers of beer, Netflix, left over Easter candy, and whatever toilet paper we can find.

However in times of uncertainty it is critical to find clarity. 

I heard Andy Stanley pose these three questions at Leadercast probably at least seven years ago. I have kept a 3×5 card on my desk with these questions ever since. The card gets buried and shuffled and is looking a little worn by now but these three questions provide so much clarity when I am unclear of my purpose. I love these because they can apply to leaders, to organizations, to families, to our relationships, to our role in the community.

Three questions you need to ask yourself when you are navigating uncertainty are:

What are we doing? 

Why are we doing it?

Where do I fit in? 

It’s pretty common right now for people to say they aren’t sure what their next steps should be. When we are stressed by uncertainty our brains can convince to overreact. However, these questions force us to keep rational thoughts driving our decision making. When we can funnel our thoughts into these three questions it can help us remain positive and optimistic with our purpose defined. These unprecedented times can makes everything feel like its uncertain but answering these questions help us define what we do know from what we don’t know. We can acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers, we certainly don’t know the timeline, but centering ourselves on these questions provides a sense of control through the process. Answering these questions keeps us from spinning our wheels on decisions about our physical and mental health. We can focus our energy on things that really matter and remove some of the crazy distractions around us.

One of the most important things that the process of answering these questions for whatever situation we are in is this.

These questions are set to the here and now. They are set on today. They are set in the present not the future. Working through the answers to these questions brings us back to a place where we can breathe and clearly think without confusion. This is where you can find personal clarity amidst all the ambiguity right now.

Comment below and let us know how these three questions bring you one step closer to healthier you by enabling you to handle uncertainty.

We got this St. Charles County.

-Carissa Figgins

Executive Director-Community Strong SCC