The Future Certainly Is Bright!

The Future Certainly Is Bright!

Did this new decade sneak up on anyone else besides me? Wasn’t it just yesterday we will all wondering what would happen when Y2K would hit? This decade already seems brighter and more positive without the what if of Y2K hanging over us.

At Community Strong we are incredibly excited about the new year! Have you written down how 2020 is going to be your year for health and wellbeing?

Our team got together and created our best Community Strong resolution. Here is what you can expect from us in 2020.

We resolve to partner with passion and purpose.

  • We will continue to partner with as many individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, and civic groups that share in our mission of creating and inspiring a culture of health and wellbeing in St. Charles County. Many opportunities to engage in service through volunteerism with Community Strong will be posted as often as possible.


  • We will be a convening space for information, education, awareness, and resources regarding healthy lifestyles, health policy, substance abuse prevention, diabetes prevention and management, and access to care within healthy work environments. The Community Strong online resource guide will be an ongoing ┬ácomprehensive tool for anyone seeking to improve their health and the health of our community.


  • We will provide a comprehensive Workplace Wellness program to support local employers create healthier work environments, lower their healthcare costs, improve productivity, and boost morale. In addition, our first Workplace Wellness Award will roll out in 2020.


  • We will contribute to health policy and placemaking decisions in the county that could impact your health and wellbeing.


  • We will provide numerous events, blogs, recipes, and suggestions to keep you moving and moving together in 2020.


  • As the Community Strong team, we will keep striving for healthier versions of ourselves to join in your efforts to make St. Charles County one of the healthiest counties in the nation.


We would love to hear your plans to keep trying to find the healthiest version of you. Let us know your resolutions and what information you would like to have this year. The future is terribly bright for all of us!

As always cheering you on,