Image by Marta Kulesza

Never Fear. February is here. Three Steps To Get Us Back On Track for our 2020 Goals

It’s an all too familiar feeling. This was going to our year. Things were really going to be different this year. This was the year we really going to turn things around.

Weight loss: We were sooooo going to meal prep EVERY Sunday and lose 15 lbs in January

Fitness: Gym membership was purchased (again) and we were going to go hard 40 minutes a day 4 days a week. Pinky swear.

Mindfulness: Bullet journal purchased along with fantastic pens and we were committed to a gratitude journal and meditation guide and finally becoming a happy Zenlike person for our kids.

Or maybe for you it was water consumption, step goals, being nice and not freaking out, getting control of the alcohol intake, or taking serious steps to overcome a substance disorder.

And then life happened. And have you noticed the sun stopped shining in St. Charles County in January? And it was all we could do to grab something quick to eat something, drag ourselves home from work, do ALL the stuff we have to do in Adulting World before bed, only to look up and see it’s about 7:42 p.m. but we are wiped.out. but we just want to crawl into bed and hibernate with Baby Yoda until tomorrow when we have to do it all over again.

Never Fear. February is here.

It’s time to pick ourselves up. Dust ourselves off. Pat each other on the back for our good intentions and try again. It can be daunting and we can get into that negative self talk that “things are never going to change, I should just accept this body sliding into chronic disease, I knew I couldn’t do it again.” Time to put a halt to all that crazy talk and get back on the horse and really makes 2020 our year of health and well-being.

So where do we start? At the beginning.

Here are 3 steps to get us all back on track.

  1. What is your why? Hold up, before you walk away hear me out. I know you have heard this before but think on this a bit. There are a couple of ways to look at this. When it comes down to it our motivations to health and wellbeing come down to it we want to feel good and we want to look good. But it turns out for the vast majority of us that is not enough. Think about re-starting your 2020 goals by visiting your primary care physician and getting the real data of what is going on with your body internally. If knowing your weight hasn’t been enough to motivate you and actually de-motivates be brave, schedule your physical and know your numbers. Who knows, maybe one of the reasons you don’t have energy is your blood sugar levels are off, or you have an elevated blood pressure, or you just aren’t getting enough magnesium. Know your numbers to define your why and reset your goals.


  1. Lower your expectations to make higher gains. Raise your hand if you said I am going to lose 20 lbs in 2020! Couple o’hangups with that one. The main one being we really have short term memory loss sometimes. It’s great to have yearly goals but break them down into one-month goals. Laura Albers from Albers Mind & Body Wellness suggests setting aside 15 minutes of non-negotiable time a week to review 12 Week Goals. Albers lists the baby steps she took towards those goals as suggested in the book My 12 Week Year by Brian Moran. Albers says if she doesn’t get something done within her health/self care goals she gets curious, NOT CRITICAL to reevaluate, checkout barriers, and to stay accountable to herself to reach her goals.


  1. Approach your goals and expectations like a kiddo. Our health and wellness absolutely have to be a priority but if we take it too serious we can easily drift into negative self-talk, lower self- esteem, and defeat. As we reset our 2020 resolutions in February focus on having a playful mindset for a healthier mindset. We need to set our goals but we also need to brainstorm new things and experience the unexpected. Play empowers us to be flexible tinkers, creative, young-at-hearts and free spirited. It provides an opportunity for pure enjoyment rather than the mundane or punishing ourselves. In his book “Don’t Miss Your Life” Joe Robinson writes “engaged play increase your happiness, aligns you with your deepest needs and is a predictor of your well-being.” To restart our health and wellness goals is there a way to gamify what we want to accomplish? Are there ways to transform our attitudes through fun challenges or participating in a variety of arts/sports/activities to expand our horizons? Can we plan to make play part of our day whether it is indoor/outdoor, solo/social, or active/quiet?

There is still plenty of time in 2020 to reset and recharge toward those goals and health and wellness. Consider redefining your “why” by actually knowing your numbers. Set shorter term goals and schedule time each week to reflect on your baby steps. Restart this new vigor of chasing your goals with a playful mindset. Let’s all get one step closer to healthier versions of ourselves by not giving up and still try something everyday. We can do this! 2020 is still our year!