Member spotlight: Lacey Curry!

Member spotlight: Lacey Curry!

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Member spotlight with Lacey Curry!

Check out below where she shares her amazing health journey with us!

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When did you get started and why?

I started to be more aware of my weight after my son, then 6yrs old and innocent came running into the bathroom on Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house as he “had to go really bad”. Before he turned to leave after realizing the bathroom was in use, he said: “mom your butt is way too big for that toilet”. It crushed me…it ruined my Thanksgiving but it also made me realize that I had to do something about my weight. Not only for myself but to ensure my children do not follow my habits and become overweight. As a mother, it is my job to teach my children how to be happy and healthy; I at that time was neither of those.

The final straw, which I am so embarrassed to even tell this story was when I was ordering food at Taco Bell, which was a thing I did often, alone so that no one knew or judged me. The amount of food I ordered that day was enough for two people. I was embarrassed knowing it was only for me, that I ordered two drinks in hopes the person that would give me my food would think it was for two people. As I sat in the Taco Bell parking lot eating, I was disgusted and began to cry uncontrollably. I knew at that point I had to do something to ensure that I never felt that way again.

What has helped you to stay motivated this whole time?

Remembering how I felt when I was overweight and unhealthy. How I was unable to keep up with my children, paint my toenails, worrying about the chair I was sitting in was going to break or how I couldn’t fit in the rollercoasters at Six Flags. The reasons are endless to what keeps me motivated to not go back to that lifestyle ever again.

What advice do you have for somebody just getting started?

Find healthy foods and ways to exercise that you enjoy! Being active and healthy does not have to be miserable, bland or boring. I feel forcing yourself to eat things that taste gross but are healthy or doing activities that are not enjoyable will only set you up for failure. Also, treat yourself! You don’t have to “treat” to the point you feel guilty but don’t hesitate to allow yourself 1 cheat meal a week is okay to “treat” yourself for the hard work! Remember it is not cheating, it is treating yourself to something small as you have worked for it!

What’s your advice for not allowing a setback to keep you down?

Set backs are going to happen…I promise you that but know it is okay. Just remember why you started this journey, pick back up where you left off and make those set backs a learning experience. Find what triggered that setback and make a plan to prevent it from setting you back again. If you learn something from it, then look at it as a positive set back…no one needs negativity at a time like this!

What’s one thing you do each week to help you keep on track with your goals?

Weigh myself! I know they say, “don’t go by the numbers on the scale but more how your clothes fit” but let’s be honest here…we all want and need that instant gratification to keep us going. I don’t obsess over my weight like I did when I first started this journey as now I lift weights more than I do cardio but it keeps me in line and on track.