Meet Megan Payton <br>Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Megan Payton
Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer spotlight is a monthly feature at Community Strong to hightlight some great people working to make a difference in St Charles County.
Our interview with Megan…

Tell us a little bit about yourself (where you work, hobbies, background).

I have worked with Preferred Family Healthcare for about nine and a half years. It is my first and only job since graduating from UMSL with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I later went on to get my Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration. I love spending time watching movies, listening to music, playing my Nintendo Switch and traveling (pre-COVID).

Tell us a little bit about your family (spouse, children, grandchildren, pets, etc).

My husband and I have been married for about a year and a half. We have a little wild man, named Niko. We also have three kitties!

Tell us some fun facts about yourself.

I have travelled to 12 Countries outside of the US. I LOVE pickles and anything creative. Finally, I was in a service fraternity in college.

Creamy or Crunchy?

Most definitely creamy!

What is your dream vacation destination?

I would love to go to New Zealand. We had a foreign exchange student from there and who doesn’t love Lord of the Rings?

What is your favorite sports team?

Any Quidditch team!

What your favorite book?

There are too many to name but I’m currently reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I love most Young Adult books.

What your favorite movie or TV show?

I love too many to pick one but currently, my favorite show is The Great British Bake Off and my favorite movie is The Fifth Element.

What is your go to healthy habit? 

I love eating salads and going for walks with my family.

How do you partner with Community Strong?

We provide support through the CRUSH coalition and the CSWW.

Why is it important to you to partner with Community Strong?

We love partnering with an organization that has the common goal of promoting overall health and wellness within our community. They have really changed and moved some initiatives forward in the community that we have not been able to do in the past.

How do you hope to impact St. Charles County through your partnership with Community Strong?

I think that partnering with Community Strong really can create a vehicle for CRUSH to help reduce stigma surrounding substance use which is a huge passion of mine. I think that the partnership could be the catalyst that could help so many people in our community.

What have you learned about yourself through partnering with Community Strong?

It has helped me realize my deep passion for reducing stigma and creating easier access to substance use treatment.

If you could encourage someone else to partner with Community Strong, what would you say?

Partnering with Community Strong opens many doors and allows for many opportunities to build relationships with other community partners and make an impact within St. Charles County.

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