Meet Laura Deiab

Meet Laura Deiab

Who are you, what do you do, and how are you connected to Community Strong?
My name is Laura Deiab and I am a high school student enrolled in CAPS which is the Center of  Advanced Professional Studies where I learn and develop my professional and communication skills and how to use them in the workplace. I’m also looking for opportunities to shadow doctors and surgeons. I’m connected to Community Strong through my weight loss journey and constantly working to maintain my healthier lifestyle.

How are health and wellness revealed in your life? How have you always been active?
I think it’s shown through my weight loss, I honestly do minimal activity, just going on walks and getting some sun, it’s mainly what I eat that helps me lose.

True confessions: What is one of your vices?
Definitely my lack of activity, I just never really enjoyed exercise or felt better afterwards, it was always something that made me feel crappy which made things difficult for me in the beginning.

What is one thing you wished the residents of St. Charles County would do to improve their health?
Just to have better eating habits, we have so many fast food places surrounding us and so many temptations instead of cooking meals at home.

What is your greatest accomplishment or barrier you have overcome with your health so far?
It has to be my confidence, I’ve gone through so much growth and never fully realized the root of my lack of confidence in myself was because of me being unhappy with my body. Even though I may not radiate confidence, I am so much happier and can express myself through my clothing which I simply tried to hide behind in the past.

What is a negative health outcome you have recently learned about that is affecting St. Charles County?
I know with my own friends, some of them are financially unstable so they have to buy cheap, unhealthy, and processed foods. It makes me sad when I hear that fast food is sometimes an only option. I think obesity as a whole is affecting Saint Charles and just all of America as well.

How does your purpose or calling in life help direct your health choices?
I think wanting to be a doctor drives me, I want to be healthy and help myself before I help others so I have a passion for my career choice but also through that, I have passion to help myself.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle?
You have to consider what you’re putting into your body, making sure they’re good calories. I suggest calorie counting, it helped me a lot! I knew everything that I was putting into my body and made decisions based on how much I’ve had that day.

What is your go to healthy recipe?
Turkey burgers! They are absolutely delicious and something that can easily fill you up! I’d suggest using one or no bun at all.

What would your life be like if you were not active and pursuing health?
I’d be extremely unhappy with myself and unable to do the things that I wanted to do like joining CAPS, I’d continue to hide and shun myself away being unable to socialize or let people see me in public.

Anything else you want to share?
It’s a hard journey no matter what angle you approach it from, but the results are worth it, I’m so proud of myself and happy and am finally outgoing. People can see the real me and anyone can do it.