Know Your Neighbor- Barb Griffeth

Know Your Neighbor- Barb Griffeth

Social connectivity is key to our health. At Community Strong we feel its vital we continually introduce each other and really get to know our neighbors. We also feel it is very helpful to show there is not one way of approaching health and wellness just as long as we are all taking one step everyday, towards a healthier version of ourselves. This month we want to introduce you to Barb Griffeth.

Who  are , what do you do, how are you connected to Community Strong?

Barb Griffith – President and CEO of Community Living, Inc.; wife to Chris; mom to Alison and Ben; Grandma to Mason, Colin, and Eddie. I am connected to Community Strong as a cheerleader for a strong St. Charles County community – which means the best health, wellness, and life for every one of us!  I believe in the mission of Community Strong.

How are health and wellness revealed in your life? How you always been active?

My physical, mental, and spiritual health are very important to me.  This is revealed in the activities I participate in and the choices I make.  I bike, hike, play tennis, walk (now – instead of run to protect my knees), practice yoga and meditation, read, listen to all kinds of music, dance (badly), sing (when I’m alone),volunteer, teach Sunday school, fly fish, travel a bit, cook, and try to eat relatively healthful foods.  I truly value my family and friends, as well as my ‘alone’ time.  I also think my adventurous spirit – I love to do/try almost anything – contributes to my overall satisfaction and well-being.  I have always been active since high school. 

True confessions: what is one of your vices?

Potato chips!  Also, I love meat (fish, beef, chicken, etc.) – I don’t think of that as a vice, but many do.

What is one thing you wished the residents of St. Charles County would do to improve their health?

Get outdoors and play – we have so many amazing parks and other outdoor venues

What is your greatest accomplishment or barrier you have overcome with your health so far?

Accomplishment – I guess it would be that I am really healthy and don’t need to take any medications other than vitamins.

Barrier I have arthritis but won’t let it stop me

What inspires you to keep moving?

Moving is reinforcing – especially with arthritis.  I always feel much better when I am moving!

What is a negative health outcome you have recently learned about that is affecting St. Charles County?

Increase in suicides among young people and the opioid epidemic

How does your purpose or calling in life help direct your health choices?

Be kind – treat others the way I would like to be treated – have a positive spirit and be the best me I can be

What advice would you give someone who trying to live a healthier lifestyle?

Everything in moderation – don’t set unreasonable goals.  Lifestyle changes happen one tiny step/success at a time.  Cut yourself some slack – it’s ok to eat potato chips sometimes!

What is your go to healthy recipe?

Oven roasted or steamed fresh veggies of any kind.

What would your life be like if you were not active and pursuing health?

Really – I can’t imagine that; it would be a downward spiral toward a black hole.