How to Create a Healthier Workplace

How to Create a Healthier Workplace

The most important factor in influencing employee motivation and happiness, as well as productivity, is work environment. A healthy workplace environment is conducive to revenue generation, and employee engagement, while it reduces costs related to employee turnover, absences, workers’ compensation, and medical claims.

The following are some ways to nurture a healthier workplace for the good of your employees and your business.

Positive Workplace Culture

The CDC says that public health in the US can be improved by building workplace “cultures of health” supporting healthy lifestyles.

Each company has its own unique culture that determines its value and sets the standard for employees to follow. Healthy workplace cultures often mean:

  • Encouraging the use of sick days
  • Making mental healthcare of your employees a priority– choose a healthcare plan that covers their mental health
  • Being mindful not to overschedule or overwork your employees
  • Providing team building opportunities

A supportive work environment will lead to better employee retention and improved productivity.

Provide Employees with Healthy Foods

Healthy food makes for happy employees. Providing fresh foods for your employees can encourage healthy habits and prevent nutrition deficiencies, as well as chronic diseases such as obesity.

If executed in the right way, the investment made into healthier diets for your employees will be returned in:

  • A reduction of sick days
  • A reduction of accidents
  • An increase in productivity
  • An increase in morale

Consider providing access to more raw fruits and vegetables, and cutting out soda and other calorie-laden drinks.

Encourage Employees to Be Active

Most Americans live sedentary lifestyles and don’t get enough physical activities. Encouraging physical activity in the workplace is a win for employee wellness and employee engagement.

The following are some ways to incorporate more movement and activity in the workplace:

  • Encourage staff to take walks
  • Encourage employees to take five-minute breaks to relieve muscle fatigue and eye strain and also renew concentration– there are apps out there to help with reminding employees to take breaks
  • Create workplace events that involve movement such as a company-sponsored lunch or encouraging everyone to hit 10,000 steps every day for a week
  • Stretch and exercise midday– desk yoga is a great way to get some exercise without getting up from your desk

Promote Wellness

There is no shortage of wellness initiatives to explore in an effort to create a healthy workplace. The aim here is to educate your employees to make them better caretakers of their own wellness while also investing in better workplace culture– all for a strong return on your investment in the form of a successful business.

The following are some wellness initiatives for you to consider implementing:

  • Bring in a chef to teach people easy cooking recipes
  • Provide handout resources with educational wellness information
  • Offer standing desks to give employees an opportunity to switch up their working position
  • Schedule days to order in a healthy lunch
  • Incentivize smokers to quit smoking
  • Remind people to get flu shots
  • Survey your employees to find out what wellness initiatives are working and what aren’t


A healthier workplace is key to the success of any company or organization that has employees. Take the tips above as some guidance for creating your own unique healthy workplace. Let us know which ones work best for your work environment!

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