Four Lessons Learned from Resiliency Webinar Series

Four Lessons Learned from Resiliency Webinar Series

Is it just us or has the noise level since March 13th has been deafening? As the go-to-source of health and well being in St. Charles County we had to ask ourselves what could we offer to rise above all the panic and overwhelming flow of COVID related information. We decided it was our duty to educate our neighbors on the importance of resiliency. Not just for our current situation but for how resiliency is needed at every age, every stage, every environment. We invited four experts in the field to share critical information and perspectives on resilience and how it can improve our health and wellbeing in the workplace, in our families, and ourselves as individuals.  


Casey Graham, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Gravy, the leading failed payment recovery retention solution for companies with recurring revenue. Casey challenged senior management teams to create a workplace environment to help teams weather these taxing times. He shared the importance of creating social support, honest and accepting communication, and places to breed celebration rather than drama. Our biggest take home from Casey was how resiliency is a process that will take steps forward and steps backward but the people we work with are the culture and our reason for bouncing back from adversity. 


Lindsey Hopkins, a Child and Family Advocate at The Child Center discussed how to promote resilience in children. She educated all the participants in  very practical ways of encouraging children and promoting positivity. Our key takeaway was how to help children put challenging situations into perspective and to guide them to remember times they have overcome in the past. These “mental files” hold important information for our children to remind them they have walked through difficulties in the past and can do it again in the future. Click here to watch the webinar in full. 


Kristen Ernst, LPC is the Director of Grief Services for Baue Funeral Homes and The Center for Hope and Healing. Kristen helped us train the community about the signs of caregiver fatigue and how to combat it in the current climate of crisis. Kristen shared that caregiver fatigue looks different in many roles whether that be parent, business owner, or educator. Click here to watch how Kristen shared some tips on how to identify if you are dealing with this fatigue and then how to mindfully build resilience and return to an environment of intention, meaning, and wellness. 


Jeremy Nulik, a futurist and strategist from BigWideSky led us through a series of exercises that you can access by clicking here. He encouraged us to disrupt our current view of ourselves through a very intentional process of introducing a version of ourselves in the future that we like and we want to take care of. He shared the ways our brains are bad in crisis. Our ‘factory settings” are optimized for bad circumstances. In other words we are really good at finding things that are wrong. We have to set aside the time to continue developing resilient skills and attitudes to avoid being strangers to our future selves. 


All of the webinar participants through this 4 part series can agree that resiliency is a process and not a point of arrival. We all take steps towards and away from resiliency. However it is a positive choice to continue developing skills and attitudes that lead us to a positive mindset that will support us getting through the most disruptive of circumstances. 


Our next webinar series will start on July 22nd and will focus on Workplace Wellness. In this webinar, Valerie Beason, LPC will help us explore ways to incorporate physical, emotional and mental boundaries in the workplace to create a healthy work/life balance. Be sure to add this to your calendar today. Details will be following soon. 

**Photo by Heather Ford