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We Are Strangers to Our Future Selves

Our brains are optimized to prefer our present-day selves over our selves in the future. When we work to visualize our future selves, our brains actually behave as though we are visualizing a stranger. More pointedly, a stranger we do not trust. And this has consequences.

It is why we will take short-term gains over long-term implications. It is why we will optimize for immediate payoffs over more audacious achievement that require time to develop. It turns out that there is something that can be done about this. We can build empathy and get to know our future selves.

Learn three proven strategies from Jeremy Nulik, a futurist with Bigwidesky, that will allow you to increase your foresight intelligence and offer you a mindset that can remain more focused on your long-term vision.

Jeremy exists to nurture a space for imagination. He does this by crafting narrative-driven (hopefully unforgettable) experiences for people who are trying to face accelerating change or deal with crises. His mission is to inspire people to reveal compelling possibilities that seem unknowable in the present moment. He does this because he desires future in which imagination is understood as fundamental to lasting change. Bigwidesky is his place of employ. He works there as a strategist and futurist. He has an amazing wife and children, and people in his life that love him even when he makes it hard.

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May 21 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Community Strong


Community Strong
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