Drum Roll Please! Announcing the 2019 TDS Meme Champions!

Drum Roll Please! Announcing the 2019 TDS Meme Champions!

Community Strong held a school Meme Competition that stemmed from the 2019 Teen Drug Summit at Calvary Church on November 21st to promote the retention of what they have learned through a creativity-driven group project. Over 400 students from 22 St. Charles schools attended the summit, during which- the students were given an opportunity to learn from experts on substance-abuse and addiction related topics.

The activities and presentations at the Teen Drug Summit were designed to be interactive/engaging for young people, and each year it is loudly praised by attendees and their chaperones as a unique and fun event. This in turn creates a strong encouragement for the students to engage on the often-difficult topics to assist them in their development as thoughtful, well-informed, and kind-hearted agents of change in their communities. It is the perfect time to incentivize the students further with a healthy competition!

Community Strong developed a Meme-Starter Packet, which each school took back with them from the summit. The packet included a letter to participants, instructions, rubric, prize options, example sheets, paint markers, letraset style stickers, and 11” by 17” blank memes on poster board. The Community Strong team did a market research evaluation of top cartoons for the applicable age ranges of the attendees and researched the highest trending meme formats of the past 6 months so that we could more effectively promote participation. A prize/incentive mechanism was put into place with: a school trophy, meme themed “swag bags”, adventure park tickets, and chance to march in the 4th of July Parade. On top of these prizes is the possibility of students having their creativity “go viral” especially with the support of our community partners and CRUSH coalition agencies.


We are incredibly happy to receive so many great submissions. Each school demonstrated high levels of creativity, subject mastery, kindness, and good humor. The CRUSH coalition recently voted on the top memes. The decision on top memes was stated by nearly every CRUSH member as very difficult; Every participating school was a key contender for 2019 Meme Champions, but there can be only one champion.

Congrats again to Orchard Farm Middle School!

A big thank you to Rockin’ Jump (O’Fallon), and Sky Zone (Chesterfield) for their ticket donations to all the participating schools. It is wonderful to work with community partners who share the same dedication to getting our communities more engaged in healthy play, movement, and exercise. 

We ask that any of our readers help show the young people in the community our support for their engagement on the issues by sharing, commenting, and ‘liking’ the posted memes and competition announcements.


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