Don’t miss this healthy road sign!

Don’t miss this healthy road sign!

Have you ever gone for a drive and arrived somewhere you did not expect?  We have all started down a road and made a wrong turn or missed an exit and ended up somewhere unexpected.  Sometimes that destination is previously unknown to us and may seem a little scary.  And threatening so we do a three-point turn and get the heck out of there!  But sometimes the destination is a little hidden nugget of wonder.  So you stay awhile and indulge your sense of exploration and adventure.

St. Charles County was recently ranked again as one of the top 100 healthiest counties in the nation by U.S. News. This is a statistic we should be proud of and celebrate! But I also want to give just a small word of caution. If we have learned anything through this COVID season we are all vulnerable in way or another to negative health outcomes. We have heard the nervous jokes about drinking too much during COVID.  Many of us have all struggled with staying active with gym closures. We have felt the effects of not being to easily connect with friends and families.  And there are very serious stories and stats coming out about the actual access to care available to all of our neighbors.  As well as an increase in suicides, an increase to substance use and misuse, and food insecurity.

St. Charles County is very much a wonderful place to live, work, and play healthy road sign

However, I encourage you not to use this distinction as one the healthiest counties in the nation as a healthy road sign for a final destination. Use it as a reminder of how our individual choices have a collective impact.  Use it as a point on a map that is guiding us towards optimal health for all of our St. Charles County neighbors. There are many areas of improvement that will literally save lives. 

If you would like more information on how Community Strong works as a convening space for building a culture of health and wellbeing in St. Charles County please reach out to Carissa Figgins at

healthy road sign