CSWW Tools & Resources – Mindset

CSWW Tools & Resources – Mindset

BHRCrisis and Counseling Hotlines 

Behavioral Health Response: Connection Helplines, 24/7 telephone/chat/text crisis intervention, mobile outreach, follow-up care coordination, community trainings

“BHR provides confidential telephone counseling to people in mental health crises as well as mobile outreach services, community referral services and critical incident stress management (CISM). BHR’s crisis hotline and mobile outreach services are provided free of charge to the public by paid professional staff who have master’s degrees in their respective behavioral science disciplines.”

TTY: 314-469-3638

Sleep Hygiene 

Try The Sleep Foundation’s tips for how to improve sleep hygiene for more restful sleep.

NAMI Resources

“Warmline”: Unlike a hotline for those in immediate crisis, warmlines provide early intervention with emotional support that can prevent a crisis. Confidential peer-support services staffed by volunteers or paid employees who have experienced mental health conditions themselves.

The phone number is 314-962-4670 or email info@namistl.org

Healthy Minds Program

Translating pioneering neuroscience into tools for everyday life, our unique framework guides you through the four pillars of the science of training the mind- Awareness, Connection, Insight, Purpose.

        • Awareness:
          Train your mind to be more calm and focused. Meditation training to strengthen mindfulness, attention, and self-awareness
        • Connection:
          Develop skills to strengthen appreciation, kindness, and compassion through building connection skills.
        • Insight:
          Learn how your sense of self shapes your emotions and reactions, and practice self-inquiry to decrease stress and emotional reactivity.
        • Purpose:
          Strengthen your values and principles and learn simple skills to apply them in everyday life.

Healthy Minds Program is now freely available for individuals thanks to the generosity of our donors, in this time of uncertainty, and beyond.



Green Leaf Initiative
Meditation and Self-Care Resources

A resource page that provides a variety of meditation tools, instructional videos for self-care.



Bliss – Free Online Therapy for Depression
(Free 8 week sessions)

Bliss is an 8 session interactive online therapy program for depression that you complete on your own. The program is based on psychotherapy treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT for short. CBT has been shown to be effective treatment for depression. The program is designed to teach you techniques that have been shown to be effective at improving your mood and mental health. Through the Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions, a not-for-profit organization with the goal of using technology to make effective mental health services accessible to people around the world.



Cups of Tea

Provides free emotional support through trained peer-listeners and chat groups. Online professional therapists are also available at cost.



BetterHelp and TalkSpace

Offers individual, family, and child virtual therapy at a low cost. Therapists can be accessed via texting, email, phone, or video chat.




Breakthrough and Amwell 

Both have the ability to identify a virtual therapist within your insurance network.




PsychCentral’s “Ask the Therapist” page

Allows users to pose a mental health-related question to a public virtual therapist page for response.



Website that reviews mental-health apps and digital tools. Each tool is given scores from experts and PhDs for credibility, user experience scores and ratings for how transparent the app is about data storage.



Tess and Woebot

Mental Health Chatbots that provides emotional support similar to a peer or counselor. Both apps observe behavior with unlimited conversation options.

https://www.x2ai.com/#how-tess-works-section & https://woebot.io/


Mental Health Self-Assessment Tools (WSMH)

These Surveys are intended to help you reflect on what you may be feeling or experiencing now so you can determine if further assessment is necessary.

These assessment tools have been provided for information only. The information contained in these resources does not constitute and should not be relied on as professional advice. Always consult your physician or appropriate health-care provider with respect to your particular circumstances.



Ten Percent Happier App

Meditation for a happier, healthier you. Learn to meditate from the world’s top mindfulness experts.  With the Ten Percent Happier app, you’ll discover guided meditations and practical teachings you can carry anywhere.

      • THE BASICS
        New to meditation? Get fidgety just thinking about it? Our expert teachers will walk you through the basics, one breath at a time.
      • STRESS
        Life can be stressful – but meditation is scientifically proven to lower your stress levels. We’ll help you stay balanced when chaos reigns.
        It’s possible to increase your capacity for joy, gratitude, and love, no magical thinking required. Our meditations will help you enjoy your life more.
      • SLEEP
        Our sleep meditations will help you quiet your mind at the end of a long day, so you can get to sleep quickly and wake up refreshed.

Try it Free!  https://www.tenpercent.com/