CSWW Education Opportunities – Fitness

CSWW Education Opportunities – Fitness

American Heart Association #MoveMore Live Workouts
Free via Facebook Live Events

Free online videos with national fitness experts. Grab your family and friends and get your hearts pumping with fitness video for any interest area – cardio, pilates, mindful meditation, body sculpting and more.


Healthy Habits for Lifelong Fitness
Free Worksite Class

This course is broken into 3 major components for fitness: Exercise, Nutrition, and Mindset

      • What is the best way to train for your goal and your lifestyle? + Exercise Terms and Basics
      • What is the best nutritional program for your goal and lifestyle? + Common Terms and Diet Strategies
      • How do we hold ourselves accountable? What are the best habits? Why is this the most important aspect of fitness?

Contact Us at info@trainprimetime.com or visit trainprimetime.com to request more information.

Cameron Ritter – B.S. Kinesiology, Owner-PrimeTime, Regional Instructor for the National College of Exercise Professionals – I teach Holistic Personal Training Certification and Holistic Nutrition Certification.
PrimeTime Fitness– “Highest Rated Personal Training Studio in the Greater St. Louis Area.  Responsible for the loss of over 2,000 lbs in St. Charles County every year.” (107, 5-star reviews and counting on google)

PrimeTime Personal Training-
Free 21-day virtual training program

21 Day Transformation Challenge – Try PrimeTime for 21 Days for FREE – Meal Plans, Workouts, and Accountability Provided.

“Highest rated personal Training studio in Greater St. Louis Area with over 100 5-star google reviews”

No hassle to start! Just click the link, register for an account, and begin!


F45 Training
2 Week Free Trial

A Functional fitness group studio.  Practicing foundational movements & exercises that will help us perform daily habits & routines.  Within a group setting it will be hard to find a more motivational group fitness facility that also includes innovation & results while being as safe as possible.  Why should we be “functional”?  To create better habits & get better moving throughout your day with no injury.  With a CSWW referral we will be offering an exclusive 2-Week Free Trial to better help & explain the product.  Within the 2-Week Trial you will be given expert instruction on how to move, perform exercises, while experiencing an excellent work out!

To redeem, just come in or call into our studio! 

2347 State Highway K, O’Fallon, MO 63368

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