CSWW Surveys & Instructions

CSWW Surveys & Instructions

Pending Deadline:  Have Employer and Employee Surveys completed by March 15, 2021 if your organization is participating in the Certification Program and would like to be eligible for the Award’s special commendations.

The Healthy Workplace Award is granted in 1-year cycles. The use of our surveys is not required to receive the award, but the terms for exclusive Special Commendations on your award and certificate require that your organization completed the CSWW Employer Survey and administered the CSWW Employee Wellness Survey at the beginning & end of the preceding yearly cycle. So, when you are administering/completing both end-of-year surveys, you will also be preparing to fill out the application (which is due by the same date on March 15, 2021). If you are completing surveys and applying for the award after having already received it in a previous year, your previous end-of-year surveys acts as the beginning-of-year survey for the next 1-year cycle.


About the Surveys: The CSWW Surveys are designed as an assessment tool to increase your capacity to tailor-make wellness activities, tools, and events. Community Strong SCC will use this data to make recommendations for workplace wellness elements to include, and work with community health leaders in developing free and low-cost events & services in the St. Charles County area that are customized to your organization’s wellness interests/needs.


Instructions for Digital Surveys:  To receive your organization’s unique links to the CSWW Employer Survey and CSWW Employee Wellness Survey:

    • Email (Subject: “CSWW Surveys Request) with your name and the name of your organization to our coordinator, Thomas Redd, at tredd@edcscc.com.
    • In short time we will send you your organization’s unique hyperlinks to the CSWW Employee Wellness Survey and the CSWW Employer Survey.  The coordinator will also send you a one-way Nondisclosure Agreement that simply states that Community Strong will provide your organization with anonymity with regard to the survey results and implications.  No signature is necessary for the one-way agreement.
    • Once you have the received the CSWW Employer Survey link, you can complete it by clicking the link and answering the questions.  (These surveys are completed via web browser)
    • Once you have received the CSWW Employee Wellness Survey link, all you need to do is email the link to your employees with encouragement to complete the survey.


Instructions for Printed Surveys: If you have a need to only use hard-copy paper surveys for either the CSWW Employee Wellness Survey, or the CSWW Employer Survey:

    • Simply click the attached Preview Files for each  (pdf documents near bottom of page)
    • Print the number of surveys that you need for your employees (just one for the Employer Survey)
    • Administer to employees in your preferred way
    • Collect the Surveys
    • Email scanned copies to tredd@edcscc.com under the subject: “[your organization] CSWW Wellness Surveys”. Or mail the printed copies to:

Community Strong SCC
5988 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
St. Peters, MO 63304

Again, this email survey request and the administration/completion process, must be completed at the beginning and end of the 1-year-cycle.  Both Community Strong SCC and Your Organization will have administrative privileges to the results of the survey.



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