CSWW Quarterly Newsletters

CSWW Quarterly Newsletters

The attached CSWW Quarterly Newsletters are designed to offer any organization that would like to use them.  This is an additional way to nudge employees towards healthy daily behaviors.  The use of these Newsletters would also meet the Healthy Workplace Award’s requirement to promote “trustworthy wellness information” (criterion 2).  We plan on updating these as we progress through each year. So your employees can have healthy reminders, and stay informed and updated on wellness events, tips, and ideas that are relevant to St. Charles County.

Broadcasting these Newsletters or other trustworthy wellness information can be done in whatever way matches your organizational preference. If you are using the CSWW Newsletters, it can be as simple as attaching the included PDF files to your employee email distribution list, and sending- including any other wellness related announcements.  Also, we will try to keep each of the upcoming newsletter’s content relevant to its respective season, upcoming events, health awareness month topics etc. So, make note of which of the newsletters you’re sending out.

You can make the newsletters in whatever way you want. You could design them from scratch, copy/paste any desired content from Community Strong’s templates, or you could refer to separate trustworthy website’s newsletters. We will continue updating the CSWW Provisions Guide to include more and more Healthy Newsletter resources to help you accomplish this.


Option 1: Use Community Strong SCC’s Quarterly Newsletters Templates:

We have already drafted content for each up the upcoming quarters and encourage users to edit/add whatever content they like to our templates. To utilize this tool, you can…

      1. NEW – Easily edit our newsletter Templates for each quarterly newsletter and add whatever information you like!  When finished editing, download the completed file and send it to your employees!  All you need is a basic, free Canva.com account.

Option 2: Use a Trustworthy Newsletter provider:

Some employee benefits providers offer free wellness newsletters.  If your employee benefits provider has a newsletter system, great! If not, you could subscribe to several trustworthy websites and import email distribution lists, or simply forward newsletters from a single email address.  Recommended options for this are:

1. Check with your Employee Benefits Provider for newsletter options

2. Subscribe a single email address to Community Strong SCC’s monthly newsletter and forward each newsletter to your employee distribution list.

Click Here to subscribe!

3. You can also subscribe your employees to Community Strong’s monthly newsletter by emailing a CVS or XML file with employee DL to Jadams@edcscc.com with subject line “Community Strong Newsletter Subscription”

4. Subscribe employees, or subscribe and forward to employees using a trusted 3rd party newsletter system. Some of our favorites include: Johns HopkinsYour Health”, American Heart Association’s “Quality News You Can Use”, Harvard Health Publishing’s “Focus On” series and other newsletters.

Option 3: Craft your own Quarterly Newsletters from Scratch:

There is a myriad of ways to send newsletter style wellness information to your employees. This could range from a very simple text-based consolidation of basic health tips and information- to imaginatively designed templates with very comprehensive information. Either way- this requirement for the Healthy Workplace Award is meant to be flexible. As long as you seek to provide your employees with trustworthy health information and reminders, you will satisfy the award’s requirements.  Ideally, you compose a visually appealing newsletter with holistic information covering tips, news, updates, and links to helpful tools that cover the breadth of nutrition, physical fitness, substance cessation, and mental health in each quarter.