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Speakers & Topics

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“Effective Leadership in Times of Change”

Change is never easy! However, effective leaders understand change management and provide team members with the tools necessary to anticipate and adapt to change. This workshop will provide best practices for the processes and behaviors necessary to support team members through change.

Participants will learn:

• Key concepts in change management
• Effective processes to implementing change and increasing productivity
• Behaviors of effective leaders

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“Be BRAVE: Tackling Tough Conversations in the Workplace”

Does the thought of having a conversation with someone who has a different opinion intimidate you? Are you hesitant to engage with certain coworkers knowing the conversation could go south?

A recent online poll conducted by VitalSmarts, shows that more than 80% of employees are scared to have a tough conversation with a co-worker. They found that when facing a difficult conversation, 50% of people avoided the other party, 37% considered quitting or taking another job, and 11% actually resigned rather than broaching the conversation in the workplace.  Having tough a conversation is an uncomfortable, but necessary, part of being on any successful team.

In this presentation, Kelly Dunkle from the Cottleville Fire Protection District, will explain the importance of these conversations and how to make them more comfortable and effective.  She will discuss:

• How to prepare for the tough conversation
• How being B.R.A.V.E. will help keep the conversation going in a positive direction
• The importance of follow up 


Breakout Sessions – Day 1

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“Boundaries in the Workplace:
How to Mean What you Say and Say What you Mean”

We all know that boundaries are important in our personal relationships, but what about at work?

In this seminar, we will explore ways to incorporate physical, emotional and mental boundaries in the workplace to create a healthy work/life balance.

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“Coherent Connections – Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence”

Valerie Fuller-Wiggins will provide tools and resources to develop and maintain healthy mindfulness in the workplace.

Valerie will teach us as individuals and team members how to direct our energy to manage the chaos around us. 


Breakout Sessions Day 2

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