CSWW in a Nutshell…

CSWW in a Nutshell…

A one-page document used to explain the CSWW Program which includes a Healthy Workplace Award and a Toolkit designed to help nearly any organization receive it with some enthusiasm and intentional planning. 

Summarizes the program and makes the business-case for implementing one. Can be used by wellness-minded employees to make the case to employers.

What we are creating…

Community Strong SCC is building a certification for healthy workplaces in the St. Charles County area. The application for the award is now finalized and our action team of subject experts and professionals in nutrition, fitness, substance cessation, and mental health are focused on building a supplementary online toolkit. The intention of the toolkit is to provide all the tips and resources needed to satisfy the application for certification with little-to-no-cost. Business leaders only need to implement the program by sharing the health information and available resources with their employees, which won’t take much time using the Community Strong Toolkit.

We are providing a healthy arrangement of resources- including free/low-cost: counseling, classes, trainings, apps, ask-an-expert forums, guides (etc.) for each of the areas of health (nutrition, fitness, cessation, and mental health). Want to have a Lunch-and-Learn at your workplace, with certified educators on managing workplace stress, nutrition and exercise (etc.)? Besides the cost of lunch, we can set that up free-of-charge and even provide the assessment tools to see what resources might benefit you most!

While we have arranged partnerships to provide great value within our community provisions, much of what is listed is already available to the community; We have simply leveraged our intimate understanding of the St. Charles healthy-living landscape into a consolidated pool of information that will be intuitive and easy to use based what health concerns the employer and employees have.

There are Large Financial Rewards from Promoting Employee Health

Outside of genuine care and support of your employees, there are large financial returns for companies that successfully promote a culture of health. With modest effort and some genuine enthusiasm, employers can:

    • Dramatically reduce health care costs

Harvard Business Review and many others have published at length regarding the substantial ROI from implementing workplace wellness programs. A rigorous Baicker et al. (2010) study on this suggested that “medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs”. Some studies have shown medical costs falling as much as $6 for every dollar spent. 

    • Reduce the number of employee sick days

Baicker et al. (2010) also found that “absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent

    • Manage/reduce disability claims

According to a comprehensive analysis from the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC), effective wellness programs lead to an average of a 30% decrease in workers’ compensation and disability management claims.

There are numerous other benefits to your company’s adoption of workplace wellness that are more difficult to measure, but likely to be actualized and observed:

    • Reduce employee health risks
    • Improve employee job satisfaction
    • Improve employee productivity
    • Improve employee morale
    • Attract or retain talented employees
    • Improve employee energy levels at work
    • Increase on-the-job safety
    • Impact business performance and profitability
    • Improve comradery and team effectiveness
    • Reduce presenteeism
    • Have fun!!!

With a certification from Community Strong SCC through our partners and stakeholders, there will be an observed authenticity awarded to participating companies on various websites. While the location of observances hasn’t been finalized, some of our stakeholders, partners, and collaborators include:

    • The four major hospitals systems of St. Charles County (Mercy, SSM, St. Luke’s, BJC)
    • Economic Development Center of St. Charles
    • The St. Charles County Dept. of Public Health
    • St. Charles County Government
    • St.Charles Community College
    • Lindenwood University
    • City of St. Peters
    • Wentzville School District
    • YMCA
    • Community Council
    • Renaud Center

Sign-up to Pilot Test it today

We have based our criteria for certification and much of our provided resources on an abundance of evidence-informed models of health and mental health. As you will undoubtably notice when using the toolkit, we have cited the data for practically everything.

We have done the research and applied it, so that all you need to do is share the information and resources with your employees.

Sign-up now to be among the first certified healthy workplaces in St. Charles County by calling or emailing Thomas at Tredd@edcscc.com – 314.336.8381

— information provided by Thomas Redd, Project Coordinator, Community Strong SCC