Know Your Neighbor! Chuck Gross

Know Your Neighbor! Chuck Gross

We recently connected with one of our St. Charles neighbors Chuck Gross. Read on to see why Cancer is Gross and other ways Chuck is inspired to live a healthier life right here in the County!

  1. Who are you, what do you do, how are you connected to Community Strong?

Chuck Gross, Executive Director of Duckett Creek Sanitary District; board member of Barnes St. Peters and Progress West Foundation and member of the Community Strong Committee.


2. How are health and wellness revealed in your life? Have you always been active?

I was always active, participating in quite a few sports. As a kid we were always playing baseball, riding bikes, playing football or something. I have to stay busy and exercise has been a release for me. But, I have to have a goal in order to stay motivated. I’m not the type that will work out 6 days a week just for the sake of working out. I have to have a goal set that I want to achieve: triathlons, charity runs, long bike rides, etc.


3. Would you rather run faster or longer?

Both! Really, I’d like for my runs to be a little quicker, but, mostly I guess longer. Actually, I hate running! I really do. I run so that I can do charity runs, triathlons and to stay in shape. I hate running!


4. If you had to ride a tandem bike to Jefferson City who would you ride it with and why?

I’d like to do it with my wife Leslie but I doubt I could convince her to do it. I might be able to convince one of my daughters to do it. If so, that would be fun. I have several friends with really strong legs that would be great at that.


5. True confessions: what is one of your vices?

Beer! Great for carb loading but not great for weight control!


6. What is one thing you wished the residents of St. Charles County would do to improve their health?

Break away from the fast food addiction. Once in a blue moon is ok, I guess. But, it is so bad for you.


7.  What is your vision for health and wellness in St. Charles County?

Residents utilizing healthy opportunity facilities (trails, private and public clubs, sidewalks, parks), being great role models for their kids.


8. What is your greatest accomplishment or barrier you have overcome with your health so far? How did this define your purpose in life?

I’m a survivor of stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. That was a challenge. Fortunately, I was surrounded all around by wonder with my wife and kids, friends, co-workers and medical personnel. I was leading a pretty healthy lifestyle when I was diagnosed and was determined to stay with it as much as possible. While in the hospital for extended periods, I would walk the floor and I even brought some light weights into my room from home that I would use when able. Once I was in remission and after being released I kept working out but now with a little more purpose! Because I have to have a goal in order to stay motivated, I started working toward participating in the various events. So, from a healthy life style stand point my life has changed for the better. I need to keep establishing goals, whether they are smaller or bigger goals doesn’t really matter. It’s continuing to do whatever I’m able in order to stay active and healthy.

9. What is one goal you still have your eye on?  

Remaining active in retirement. It’s a ways off but I see too many people who seem to slack off from remaining active after they retire. Maybe it’s because they  have more time and think “I’ll do that later.” When you’re schedule is tight and you don’t have much time, you’re more motivated to get in and get it done!


10. What do you want to be remembered for?

Loving and caring for my family and having a purposeful life.