4 Fast Tips:  Staying Physically Healthy While Working from Home

4 Fast Tips: Staying Physically Healthy While Working from Home

From Cameron Ritter & Community Strong SCC

Cameron Ritter is an active member of the St. Charles Community and enthusiastically offers his time, insight, and resources in support of Community Strong SCC health initiatives to create a robust and friendly culture of health in St. Charles County workplaces. We hope you will make use of his suggestions.

  1. 10k Steps Per Day 

You are probably no stranger to the idea of targeting 10,000 steps each day, especially if you have ever owned a fitness tracking tool. This is because it is a realistic goal if you have the enthusiasm and creativity to do it. Instead of the short drive to meet your colleagues for lunch, try saving the gas money. Encourage your team to go for a walking meeting. Maybe go for a walk during certain business or personal phone calls. Don’t sweat it if you’re not meeting the full 10k a day, just try as much as you can realistically fit into your day. One 2019 study from Harvard professor, Dr. I-Min Lee, suggests that even 5k has some very positive health benefits. We strongly encourage you to just make the improvement towards your goals. If you can’t meet the 10k goal, make the improvements that you can fit within your schedule and manage with your personal physical capacity.

Did you know

It’s likely that the specific number- 10,000- was originally chosen to be marketed because its’ Japanese kanji symbol resembles a walking person.


  1. 8 Hours of Sleep Per Day

Recovery is just as (and probably more) important to developing your physical fitness as actual exercize. ‘You don’t build muscle in the gym’ is the common adage, and its true. Your muscles tear at when you workout; your muscles develop when you’re at rest afterward. Plus, you need proper energy to push the envelop. Losing weight, building strong muscles, and the countless other goals and health benefits to exercise can’t continue- unless you try to gradually increase difficulty. A full nights sleep could very well be what is needed for many people to push the envelope more and more without being as fatigued- and potentially getting burnt out on healthy routines.


  1. ½ Body Weight in Ounces of Water Per Day 

Another way to maximize your fitness capacity and allow you to do more physically and with less of that burnout is by drinking enough water. Drinking more water is tied to all kinds of health benefits outside of physical fitness too- it promotes: brain function, metabolic-based weight loss, smootha nd healthy skin, (etc.). Drink A Lot Of Water! Its isnt an physically exhaustive habit to get into, and it pays plenty in physical health dividends.  One idea to accomplish this could be to train your brain to pick this up as a habit. That shouldn’t be too difficult given that I’ve never met anyone that disliked water, the foundation of all life and what your body is majority composed of anyway!

One idea: Hack your brain by promoting a new habit based on positive association. Setting calendar/phone reminders every so often to take a water break.


  1. Track Your Calories Each Day

 Assuming you have any health goals at all (im going to assume you do since you’re still reading!), you need to plan on how to reach those goals. Tracking your calories can be way simpler than you would expect. For instance, it takes less than 15 seconds to use this resource to discover general information and have basic caloric approach to your goals, are you trying to build muscle/weight, lose weight, both?

Try this simple calorie counting resource from WebMD to compare what you’re eating to your daily goals created from the resource above. After some time and perhaps developing healthy routines/habits, you’ll be able to do this in your head if you need to. However, there is no substitute for more meticulous caloric tracking that comes from a real committment to improve your health, happiness, and general quality of life. But if it helps you, start simple and build from there. There are countless resources, apps (etc.) to help you along the way.


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